The band Swing By Me – Jazz Manouche

We also work closely with the Jazz Manouche orchestra « Swing By Me ».

Hailing from Dijon, this quartet is strongly influenced by both Django Reinhardt and american swing music.

The quartet is composed of two guitars, a double-bass and a violin (or clarinet).

These young musicians, passionate ambassadors of Jazz Manouche, interpret hits such as : Les yeux noires, The Sheik of Araby, For Sephora and more to lenda festive and relaxed ambiance to your event.

To book « Swing By Me », please visit our contact page.

The Jazz Manouche Repertoire

Listen to some of the great Manouche favorites, interpreted by these two talented orchestras to your right :

Anouman, Are You In The Mood, Artillerie Lourde, Belleville, Black And White, Blues Clair, Blues For Ike, Crépuscule, Daphné, Del Salle, Deccaphonie, Dinettte, Django’sTiger, Djangology, Double Scotch, Douce Ambiance, Duke And Dukie, Flèche D’Or, Folie A Amphion, Gaiement, Hungaria, Lentement Mademoiselle, Mabel, Manoir De MesRêves, Mélodie Au Crépuscule, Mike, Minor Blues, MySerenade, Mystery Pacific, New York City, Nocturne, Nuages, Paramount Stomp, Place De Brouckère, Porto Cabello (Il Mexicano), Quequefois, RythmeFutur, Stockholm, Stompin’ At Decca, Swing From Paris, Swing Guitars, Swing 42, Vendredi 13, Vette, Webster…